Q : What are the benefits of merchant mobile app?
App allows you view all new orders placed by your customers in detail with customer information.

Q : How will I come to know about new order?
Mobile will start ringing till the time you don’t click on details.

Q : Details, Delivered and Reject what does that means?
Details : Will stop app from ringing (every new order will make app start ringing)
Delivered : Mark order once delivered to customer. Email will be sent to customer for delivery confirmation
Reject : Reject order in case restaurant is not able to fulfil order for any reason. Email will be sent to customer for rejection Confirmation

Q : Not able to see customer orders?
All delivered /reject order will be moved out from app.
Order marked delivered /reject can be viewed in reports section in admin panel only

Q : What happens if there are issues with my phone and app gets deleted? Will I lose all my data?
Your data is completely safe. You can simply download the app again from app store. Login with your credentials and your data will reappear again.

Q : I am not able to login?
Please check if you are using the correct user ID and password? Please try the “Forgot Password” link to generate a new password.

Q : Not able to find your answer ?
Please fill our contact form.

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