Q : What are the benefits of mobile app?
This mobile app allows you view entire menu and place order online. View all history of orders placed with restaurant.
Get discount coupons and rewards against each order directly credited in your account.
Know about events organised by restaurant.
Book your prior reservation with restaurant.
Get all soft notification on top right of app.

Q : I am not able to login?
Please check if you are using the correct user ID and password? Please try the “Forgot Password” link to generate a new password.

Q : What happens if there are issues with my phone and app gets deleted? Will I lose all my data?
Your data is completely safe. You can simply download the app again from app store. Login with your credentials and your data will reappear again.

Q : I am not able to use Coupon available to redeem?
Please check the description there might be minimum amount billing is associated required to avail. In case of concerns please call restaurant.

Q : I have placed order but no response from Restaurant?
We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. In case of concerns please call restaurant.

Q : Not able to find your answer ?
Please fill our contact form.
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